David Bateman

Owner / Designer


David Bateman

David has over 45 years experience in Building design and related fields. He has 
owned Custom Designing for over 30 years and is excited to meet new clients.

In the early years of working in the design field, David worked throughout Nova Scotia and
New Brunswick learning anything he could from professionals with experience. In the
early 80's he returned to Nova Scotia and came back to New Glasgow, his home town, to settle down
and raise his family. At this time he rented a room from his Mom, out of the house he grew up in, and
started Custom Designing. He has since renovated the building and occupies the
upper floor for the business.

Since 1996, David has been a member of the Nova Scotia Home and Building
Designers Association (NSHBDA),  as well as having been the Association's President
for 3 years. He is currently on the Board of Directors and sits on some of the other of the Association's Committees. Since 2002 David has also been a member of the Nova Scotia Building Advisory Committee (NSBAC), where he sits on Building Code Appeal hearings. In the past year, David has
become Chair of the Barrier Free group through NSBAC. He has also joined the Standing
Committee on HVAC and Plumbing through the National Research Council of Canada.

David has a personal and professional interest in providing high quality designs for the local
community of New Glasgow and the surrounding Communities, Counties and Provinces.